Healthcare services

Healthcare services – High-quality Finnish care: rapidly, easily and cost-efficiently

We promote well-being and health as a partner of public healthcare services all over Finland. We feel everyone should have as wide a range of healthcare services as possible and as close to their homes as possible without unnecessary waiting times. Our basic healthcare services include locum doctors, on-call services and reception services for healthcare clinics.

We provide local authorities and healthcare districts with good medical outcomes in a cost-efficient manner. We exploit the existing operating models and infrastructure of our clients. This way, we can save personnel, clients and overall costs.

Patients, in turn, will receive basic healthcare services easily and close to their homes.

We want to ensure that our partners and clients get the services they need, when they need them and with high quality. We always measure our services to meet needs. We are continuously developing our services.

Service and good medical outcomes

High-quality medical treatment and care are the cornerstones of our services. We support and encourage our personnel in their daily work. In our experience, this will be directly reflected in the service our clients receive and can also be seen in medical outcomes.

Measured quality

We want a sufficient level of services that are easily accessible to clients, and we want the customer relationship to meet appropriate quality requirements. For this reason, we measure the effectiveness and customer satisfaction of our services as part of our quality management system. Our services are certified in compliance with the ISO 9001 quality management system. The satisfaction of both our clients and our personnel with our operations is excellent.

Coronaria has been granted the Key Flag Symbol of the Association for Finnish Work, which means that our services are ‘Made in Finland’. Coronaria is a 100% Finnish company. Our services benefit us, the Finns!