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Neuropsychological rehabilitation

Improving and maintaining the capacity for action and learning

Neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation may be needed for developmental learning difficulties (such as dyslexia), neuropsychiatric disorders (such as ADHD and autism spectrum), as well as changes in cognitive functions related to neurological conditions and traumatic brain injuries. The objective of rehabilitation is to alleviate the drawbacks of cognitive difficulties, and to improve information processing and the ability to function in daily life at school, home and work.

In addition to mental health problems, life crises and coping at work, a neuropsychologist assesses learning skills and cognitive functions, such as:

  • memory
  • attention and executive functions
  • linguistic functions
  • visual perception
  • cognitive processing speed
  • processing of information

The services of our psychologists often include close cooperation with the clients' social networks, such as school or the workplace. Children and adolescents are usually evaluated in cooperation with the healthcare services of their school.

Young women in the sunshine.

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