Means and resources to make life easier

The foundations of our psychotherapy is the clients' own resources and their ability to help themselves. The task of our therapist is to help the clients rediscover their resources and abilities. This is a precondition for successful psychotherapy. We offer both short- and long-term psychotherapies. The duration of therapy will always be assessed together with the client.

Payment by Kela or as an individually paying client

Kela reimburses €57.60 per session for individual counselling. Kela does not reimburse evaluation sessions. In order to meet Kela’s reimbursement criteria, you need a doctor’s referral to rehabilitative psychotherapy based on two evaluation sessions and three months of psychotherapy. It is recommended that you also keep in contact with your doctor during your therapy.

Kela grants funding for rehabilitative psychotherapy one year at a time and for a maximum of three years, if necessary. Kela reimburses a maximum of 80 sessions per year and 200 sessions over three years.

You can also access psychotherapy as a privately paying client without a doctor’s referral.

Evaluation session

An alternative is to make an appointment for a one-hour preliminary evaluation session. During the session, we discuss challenges in your daily life, your family situation and your background. We prepare a clear proposition for further measures on the basis of our discussion.

Our services

Psychotherapy for couples

In cases of problems in a relationship, discussion with a couples counselor may help you to recognize and improve the quality of your relationship.

Family psychotherapy

The objective of family psychotherapy is to examine, understand and alleviate communication problems within a family.

Individual psychotherapy

The objective of our individual psychotherapy is to help clients recognize various behavioral challenges and to provide them with better tools to make the right kind of choice and have a positive approach to their lives.

How to access psychotherapy?

You can access psychotherapy with a doctor's referral or without it as an individually paying customer. It is recommended that you also keep in contact with your doctor during your therapy.

We are an accredited service supplier of Kela.

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