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Coronaria Diagnostiikka

The right diagnosis is needed for the right treatment

Coronaria Diagnostiikka is a company specializing in pathology services. We provide high-quality pathology services to private and public health care units. Our clients include hospitals, health care centres as well as private medical and dental centres in Finland. We are a 100 % Finnish company.

Pathology is the study and diagnosis of diseases based on tissue and cell samples from patients. Examinations and diagnosis of the biopsies are carried out by a specialist in pathology and, if necessary, we refer the sample for examination to a specialist in the field. Specially trained bioanalysts are also involved in the study of cell samples. Our competent laboratorians of our pathology laboratory are responsible for the preparation of the samples to be ready for examination.

This is what we offer

Siniset purkki ja putkilo ikonit
  • Laboratory and research services​
Sininen mikroskooppi ikoni
  • Research service for medical certificate samples
Sininen ikoni, jossa purkkeja, lääkäri ja mikroskooppi
  • Full range of services in the field of pathology
Sininen naisikoni
  • Cervical cancer screening service

Our range of services includes solutions that best suit the customer's needs, from the examination of individual samples to the full range of services in the field of pathology.

Aikuinen nainen ja tämän iäkkäämpi äiti halaavat.

Cervical Cancer Screening

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Quality above all

Quality comes from experience, experts, measuring and continuous development. We invest in quality in many ways.

A high-quality service includes a timely report that ends up with the right diagnosis. A high-quality medical report has sufficient content for the patient's treatment.