Coronarian pääkonttori eli niin sanottu Sammakkotalo kuvattuna iltavalaistuksessa.


A 100% Finnish healthcare reformer

Our mission at Coronaria is to build a new kind of healthcare in Finland: the kind of healthcare that benefits us all. This means that clients will receive better care, the well-being of personnel at work will increase, and society will save money.

High-quality care and treatment are the cornerstones of our services, because taking care of a person and the promotion of health are close to our hearts. We have challenged both ourselves and the operating models and structures of the entire social and healthcare sector throughout our existence.

We monitor medical outcomes carefully and keep costs under control. We support and encourage our personnel in their daily work because, in our experience, this will be directly reflected in the service our clients receive.

Results show that we have already succeeded in our reform: the satisfaction of our clients and personnel is, measurably, at a very high level, and our innovative operational model has significantly saved our clients’ costs.

We take responsibility for our operating environment by creating jobs in even the smallest municipalities and by paying our taxes fairly and transparently in Finland.

Our 3000 healthcare and wellbeing professionals offer treatment for you throughout Finland.