Rehabilitation and therapy services

A diverse range of rehabilitation services in all corners of Finland

Coronaria is an accredited service supplier of Kela

Coronaria is the largest supplier of rehabilitation and therapy services in Finland, and we offer the most diverse range of services. We offer services to the clients of Kela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland), hospital districts and insurance companies. You can also benefit from our services as a private fee-paying client.

For local authorities and hospital districts, this means that we can offer an extensive range of high-quality rehabilitation and therapy services in a cost-efficient manner.

We offer a diverse range of rehabilitation and therapy services for clients of all ages in a familiar environment, in their home, kindergarten or school. Our services are also available at our service units or online.

Towards a better daily life

The best rehabilitation results are achieved when the rehabilitation plan is developed in cooperation with the client. Seamless cooperation with our clients and their nearest and dearest enhance the positive results of rehabilitation, promote the clients’ ability to cope with the activities of daily living, and improve their quality of life.

Coronaria’s rehabilitation services are offered by Terameri Kuntoutus, Contextia, Neuropsykologipalvelu Frontaali Oy and Fysikaalinen Hoitolaitos Medica Oy.

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