Speech and language therapy

Speech and language therapy – Supporting interaction and communication

The objective of speech and language therapy is to promote the clients’ ability to function and communicate in daily life, and to mitigate speech and language disorders as well as the related challenges in interaction and communication.

You may benefit from occupational therapy if you have

  • – Delayed language and speech development
  • – Difficulties in understanding or producing speech
  • – Unclear speech or problems using your voice
  • – Challenges in reading, reading comprehension and writing
  • – Difficulties in eating or swallowing
  • – Means that support and/or replace speech to support your communication and interaction, and   you need support and guidance on how to use those means.

Better results – together

The issues that make a patient’s daily life more difficult are mapped together with the client and their nearest and dearest, and the goals for the therapy are defined at the beginning of the period of therapy. The goals, measures and indicators to measure the effectiveness of therapy are recorded in a therapy plan. Effectiveness is evaluated together with the client and the people closest to them at the end of the period of therapy.

The best results are achieved by means of close cooperation with the clients, their nearest and dearest, and other people present in their daily lives.

We offer high-quality speech and language therapy services for clients of all ages. The therapy takes place in a familiar environment in the client’s home, kindergarten or school. Our services are also available at our service units.


You can access speech and language therapy with a commitment for payment from Kela, your local authority or central hospital, or an insurance company. You can also pay yourself. Coronaria is a contract partner of Kela in in the provision of demanding medical rehabilitation services.

Coronaria’s rehabilitation services are offered by Terameri Kuntoutus, Medifamilia and Contextia, Fysikaalinen hoitolaitos Medica and Neuropsykologipalvelu Frontaali.