Housing and care

Housing and care – more time for people

We are a pioneer of housing services for the elderly, the disabled and mental health clients in Finland.

For municipalities and hospital districts, this means an extensive high-quality range of services for people in various situations in life. We have designed our services to be free of unnecessary costs, yet maintaining the high quality of service. We monitor the satisfaction of our personnel and our clients continuously and react rapidly to any signs of changes needed.

As a client of our housing and care services, you can enjoy state-of-the-art forms of housing and services in which nursing is based on genuine caring. We have time for people. This has been at the heart of our operations from day one.

Always the right choice for you or your loved one

Our housing and care services are always based on the needs and choices of our clients. Our service range has been designed to offer a suitable choice for you or your loved one, a choice that best meets your ability to function and that you can feel good about.

Activities, sense of belonging and feeling of safety

Our values